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KassiopiĀ is situated on the north-eastern part ofĀ Corfu island. It is located 34kmĀ  far from Corfu town.
Corfu Town
Beach stretch of velvety sand
Nearest local Greek Taverna


Castle of Kassiopi
Kassiopi Harbour
Boat Hire
Taverna & Bars

About Kassiopi

The myth says thatĀ CassiopeiaĀ was the wife of King Cepheus of Ethiopia and mother of Andromeda. The history of the region is very interesting. Since the ancient times it appears to be a place with a great strategic importance. The castle that stands until now in the hill of Kassiopi signifies the ancient history of Corfu island. Nowadays, the Kassiopi is one of the most famous tourist destinations of Corfu. It has all the appropriate standardsĀ  for relaxing holidays and at the same time is full of fun. The morphology of the region combines picturesque bays and natural ports with mountain beauty.